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Residential Service

In search of food and shelter pests will find a way into your home.   Common household pests such as roaches, ant’s, rodents, ticks, bees and fleas can pose a serious risk to your family and property.  We at Clean Sweep are dedicated to protecting these valued possessions.  Steps must be taken to remove conditions conducive to pests to prevent further spread and ultimately rid pests from your home.  This is obtained by listening to our customers, performing thorough inspections and using the most advanced chemicals and treatment methods available to our industry.  All of our technicians are well trained, courteous and most of all on time.  Some of the pest covered in our maintenance programs are:


·        Termite Control and Inspections

·        Carpenter Ants

·        Fleas

·        Bees

·        Roaches

·        Rodents

·        Pantry Pests

·        Bed Bugs

·        Spiders

·        Flies

·        & More...


Our maintenance plans feature regular service and inspections that will solve your problems and fit your budget.  Regular inspections and maintenance of your home are the keys to an effective pest management program. One-time visits are only temporary and only reduce your pest populations temporarily but aren’t a permanent solution.  With routine maintenance and inspections our technicians are able to establish a quick knock down of the pest population on the initial visit, and then keep them down on future visits.


Clean Sweep Pest Control will take the time to assess your pest control problem & customize an effective treatment & maintenance plan based on your specific needs. In addition to being safe,

fast, and effective - we promise one of the most competitive rates around for this level of service

& commitment!


Monthly, Quarterly, Every Other Month or Bi-Annual Programs made to work with your budget!

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